H1B transfer - approved after October 2012


URGENT help needed.

Filed for H4 to H1B transfer and got H1B approved in 16 Nov for employr A. Now I have offer from employer B where I can transfer H1B.

1)  I have not started working for current employer A , do not have any paystubs. So within how many days/months I should transfer H1B to employer B?

2) What if the H1B transfer is denied or I get RFE? Can I start working for my current employer A?

3) I will be applying for SSN soon with current H1B approval copy, so can this H1B transfer effect SSN process (if I file for H1B transfer when SSN is in process)?

Please answer my queries even though those look repitative.
Please reply asap. Thanks in advance.




Your SSN process has no effect with your transfer process… Since it is fresh transfer you won’t need pay stubs for ur transfer. If your transfer is denied you can continue with your current employer.