H1b Transfer and Extension is Safe?

HiI am with company A and got my visa/i94 valid till Aug 27 2015. Company A will be filing the extension by July 20-30 possibly. I already got two offers. one from American company They started my H1b transfer process. i got my H4 Receipt number also but i am waiting for H1b Receipt number. Second company is Indian based company they got all my documents for H1b transfer but not initiated yet.

My questions are,1) will there be any issue since company A extension and company B transfer are at USCIS at same time?

  1. Should i ask company B not to file my H1b transfer or i should ask my current employer to stop my extension? i heard from my friends any number of H1b we can file with USCIS but we should work only one company is it true?

Please advice…3) Company B is promised me that my H1b will be converted to Premium after the July 27. Is it safe to switch the job once the Transfer petition filing number is received?Am totally confused whether to proceed to this new jobs or not.

  1. No you should be fine, although I am confused about you getting an H4 receipt number. If thats the case you’ll fall under the last action rule. If its all H1s it should not matter

  2. You could ask one to stop and save them some money but its upto you.

  3. Yes.