H1B transfer and current employer not sharing I94 copy, pay stub

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Need help for below scenario.

H1B approved till Feb 2021. Client terminated contract in June 2019. Employer not paying after that. I found new job and new company is preparing documentation for H1B. My current employer did not give me pay stub though he paid me on time thru direct bank transfer. he gave me I797A but looks like intentionally erased I94 number and Receipt number from approval notice. Employer asking to resign with resignation date in June 2019 ( Past date). Then only he will give release letter, Pay stub and H1B approval hard copy.


  1. Can I use I797C and H1B approval screenshot for H1B transfer?

  2. Can I use bank statement to show I was in Status till June 2019.

Looking for help.


  1. All you need is your old petition number, that’s good enough to tell that you were on H1B. Yes, you can use that.
  2. Well, that is one of the proof that you can submit that you got paid until that day and also your emails with your employer like resignation and the termination info, etc.

Thank you very much Kumar for your input. This is helpful.


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