H1B Transfer and chances to get approvals

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi ,

i hope you are doing great.

Two companies processed my H1B app in 2021 for first time.

both are approved, and I attended the interview company A, the officer gave 221g and asked client docs, but employer didn’t respond.

so I attended the interview again with Company B, and the officer asked some documents from the employer and gave Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR), the employer not able to share those docs, so it will be revoke soon.

The I797 is still valid which I got through the company A, and now I got new employer to transfer.

So I want to know how are the chances to get approvals and stamping? any issues as I applied earlier through diff employers and got 221g’s,

could you please advise

Any H1B employer can file a new cap-exempt petition. As far as the job is bonafide, inline with your education and experience and employer is able to pay as per the prevailing wages, you can apply for visa once the petition is approved.
Each visa application is processed independently so I dont think 221g or NOIR will have any negative impact as far as the beneficiary is clear of any fraud.

thank you very much Kalpesh