H1B transfer after stamping but before entry into US


I guess this question has been answered before, but want to ask again just to make sure if there is new information/law around it.

I have H1B visa petition approved for FY 2015 with my current sponsor/employer. I am still in India and have never travelled to the US. I am in the process of getting my passport stamped for H1B visa as my current sponsor/employer is hurrying me up to go for stamping and travel to the US. I am simultaneously looking for jobs in search of a better opportunity.

My question is if I get my passport stamped now with my first employer and then if I get a job offer while I am still in India, would I be able to do H1B transfer and land in the US with H1B visa stamped for previous employer? Would I have to go for stamping a second time? Is it better to land in US and then search for a job to avoid complications in H1B transfer or Port of Entry or something?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Other compaines may start filing H1-B transfer while you are in India. One can have multiple approved H1-B petition at the same time.

I’ve heard from small consulting companies that one may travel with stampped H1-B visa with company A and approved petition of Company B to work for company B - but I would check with an experienced immigration attorney before taking that route.

Yes, you can easily move to another company after coming to US.