H1B transfer after petition amendment expiry

Hi, I have a valid amended petition for Texas till Dec 2017 with Employer A and I had to travel to US in 2015 for a different client in North Carolina with an amendment to the original petition (Washington). However unknowingly, the petition for the North Carolina location got expired more than 6 months ago (October 2016) and the employer did not intimate me about the expiry.

I recently switched to Employer B and received a receipt notice for the H1B Transfer and I accidentally sent the older amendment (Texas) to USCIS.

  1. Please advise me if I will have any problems in the future as the petition that I sent is from Texas and My paystubs and W2 show North Carolina.

  2. My resignation with Employer A is still in progress. What if I withdraw my resignation and move to Texas?

  3. My VISA expires in Dec 2017, I94 also expires in Dec 2017

  4. The Original petition (Washington) expires in August 2017