H1B transfer after H1B revoked during grace period??


Hi All,

Currently (today is 28th January, 2018) my present employer has revoked my H1B (i am still in the US searching for new job). As per the grace period of 60 days, i have around February 18th 2018. And i am searching for a new employer.

Questions —

  1. I know that i need the receipt of the H1B transfer to start with the new employer. I have just received an offer. And they are about to petition for transfer. Do they have to do a premium processing to get the receipt before 18th February? or a normal processing is fine? Or its absolutely fine even if i get a receipt after 18th February (as long as i get a receipt) to start working for the new employer? I am clueless.
  1. I am also in the last stages of other companies’ interviews (I am expecting to get a result by the end of February 2nd). Should i ask the 1st employer to wait for some time before they petition, so that if i get a result of the other employers to actually start the transfer process with either one of them.

In short what i am asking is — Is it fine to get a receipt number after my “last” day i.e. 18th February and start working for that employer or is it too risky?

Need help ASAP.




Guys any inputs on this…thanks…