H1B Tranfer, Visa expired and Visiting India for Stamping


So far, I have 2 H1B & 1 L1B stamps in my passport (between 2006 and 2014, all from Employer A), no rejections.

My last H1B expired in Sep 2014. I got my extension till Mar 2016 with Employer A I joined Employer B in Mar 2015, received RFE and approval, Petition valid till Mar 2018I Joined Employer C in Oct 2015, received an RFE and approval, latest Petition is valid till Jul 2018I am traveling to India on vacation, on 1/28 and Visa stamping is scheduled on 2/3. Should I be concerned for changing 2 employers in 9 months? What kind of Questions VO might ask?

Would really appreciate if you can share any suggestions or similar past experiences.

It is ok to change employers frequently, as long as you have maintained legal status all along and have necessary payslips and W-2 documents.