H1B, Took my passport!! please help

Please help!!

I had an interview on 20th of September, He took my passport and attached few of my documents in his file and told me we need some more additional documents and we will contact you.

He did not provide me any slip.

Did anyone faced the same situation? Or can someone please help me who has some knowledge of this case?

Thanks much

what is the status of your application in ustraveldocs now?

Thanks for the response, My status of the passport says “Your passport is still with US Consulate”

You may receive an email soon asking for additional docs (if needed). If you are not contacted, then that means they already have the docs needed for additional review. You need to be patient and wait for them to complete this process.

Thank you Saurabh Sir, I still did not get any emails or calls from them, Is there a contact number where i can inquire about my case?

Thanks much.

Now the status says "Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days.

This is a typical status for administrative processing applications. You should now wait for them to either contact you for additional docs/information; or get the visa approval.

Do they call or respond through email? Or is there any contact number where i can call them?


They can either call or email. I have seen both happening. If nothing happens in next 1-2 weeks, maybe you can call/email US travel docs support team and follow-up. There is a good chance that they would not provide any meaningful information when contacted.

Thank you Sir, So when you mentioned you have seen these case earlier, How long did these type of case take? Were they approved? or did you see any rejections?

The data is all over the place. Some were approved within few days, other took weeks or months. Some were approved, others were denied.