H1B to L1B Conversion after 1st Oct 2015


I was working for Company A on L1B visa for 3 years. I applied H1B through a staffing firm and got approved with Change of Status on 1st Oct 2015. Now today is 11th Oct and I wish to continue for Company A. In future I want to use the approved petition for cap exempt in case I want to switch to another Company. What are my options ??

The one that I am aware of but not sure are

  1. Country in out :: Go outside of country and come back in on L1B visa to continue working for Company A. Per my convenience use the approved H1B petition later.

  2. Company A filing for change of status from H1B to L1B.

Need urgent replied. Links to credible sources will also be appreciated.


If your staffing firm is filed H1b with COS, then my suggestion would be go out of the country and come back with L1. so that you can able to use the H1B in future. Staffing company can’t ask you any questions regarding this.

How did you finally handle the situation?