H1B to L1A change of status for the same employer

Dear all,

							 Hope you're doing great.
							 I came to US in Apr 2013 on an H1B visa which would expire in Jan 2014. I worked for the Indian subsidiary of my current employer (who processed my H1B) for over 1.5 year in managerial capacity. With the H1B I'm on currently, I'm not managing a team, but I'm required to in the near future. My question is, since I've worked for over 1 year in the managerial capacity abroad just before moving to US this year, can my employer file for L1A so that I can do the needful as a manager/executive. Also is there a requirement in terms of the team size, role, experience, revenue of the company etc to file for L1A.
							 Thank you in advance.