H1b to h4 after H1b denial


I came to USA in august 2014 on H4 visa and applied H1b in 2015 , and got approval in dec2015 for one year until Dec 2016 with i94

In December 2016 my employer applied for extension in premium processing and got RFE requesting additional documents in January 2017. My employer replied to RFE to USCIS in FEB 2017 and my H1b got denied on march 3rd 2017,Now I have to leave the country because my i94 is expired and get stamped on H4


  1. I am eligible for Dropbox because my past H4 visa is expired in July 2016 and it is not been a year …is it safe to go for drop box or interview in my case?

  2. If I choose Dropbox they requested only my husbands documents not asking any of mine… will my H4 visa get stamped in this case

Please help me answering soon

Hi Sunitha,

I have been to kind off same situation recently & got my H4 visa stamping done from India via dropbox. Its the easiest option you do have & for H4 they only ask for Spouse I797/Visa stamp, Your 2-passport size picture, Old Visa etc. Shouldn’t be a problem.

All the best.