H1B to Green Card & salaries

I am being offered $ x in a company in NYC . I am interested in knowing the following things keeping in mind that if i want to get Green Card ASAP.

  1. What is the typical hike percent annually in US for software developers.

  2. Assuming my employer starts for Green Card processing the 2nd year, meaning i can’t switch jobs before i get Green Card (plus i have heard the backlog for India is huge , any timeline??), so i will have to wait. Do i have to wait till the Green card comes or is there any way where i can get the GC later but can switch jobs. What is the best thing to do.

  3. Is there any salary slab that the company files Green Card with, and will it affect my future salaries.

  4. Is there a rule that your starting salary will be determined based on the GC processing in future.


  1. It varies from company to company but I think the average is 1-4%.

  2. Once your I-140 is approved, you can change jobs and still be able to port your priority dates. Before that you cannot retain priority date after changing jobs. The wait times can be looked up online. Search for visa bulletin and look at EB-2 and EB-3 categories.

  3. They have to ensure the offered GC salary is not below prevailing wages. However, your actual salary can be equal or higher to this.

  4. No such rule