H1B to F2 Visa- Is Letter of explanation to USCIS compulsory?

My H1b visa amendment to a different Client and project recently got rejected after RFE, and I had to resign due to no work authorization. I am in the process of applying for Change of status to F2, since my husband is working with OPT at the moment. My question is:

  1. Is a letter of explanation to USCIS stating the reason for my change of status necessary?

  2. What better reason can I give the officer except to support my husband physically and mentally in the US?

  3. Any tips or advice for me?

Thank you

  1. Not required but better to have it handy.

  2. This is the best and honest answer you can give.

  3. Don’t worry! just Relax and you will get your F2 Visa.

Good Luck with the application!