H1b time left after h4 to h1 transfer

First of all thank you in advance for answering my questions.

Here is my situation:

I started my h1b in oct 2006  and worked till sept 15 2011 and then left US for studies in Europe. I moved to H4 in Oct 2011 as my spouse is on valid H1B. Now I came back to US on H4 and have got few job offers, the Company(s) is willing to do a COS (change of status) from H4 to H1B. My H1B was suppose to expire in Sept 30 2012. ( I have also not been out of usa for more than 12 months as my studies was of 10 months only)

1. When I left my H1 job did my h1 stop that very day or did it stop when my employer sent a cancellation request to USCIS?
2. How much time do I have left on my H1b? As per my calculation it should 1 year and 15 days + recapture time?
3. Can COS for H4 to H1 done with premium processing?
4. When can I do recapture of time I spent outside during my h1 (OCT 2006 to Sep 2011)?
5. I was working as an Engineer on H1 before and how I will be a Manager, does this impact my H4 to H1b COS?

Thanks again for the help