H1B through a nonprofit hospital


I am currently in touch with a potential nonprofit employer about a clinical job. The employer is hesitant to sponsor H1B because they mentioned that in order to apply for H1B, they have to show that they cant find US citizens/ people who dont need visa for this job. They get enough applicants to fill the positions and therefore do not want to sponsor H1B.

I just want to know (1) if it is true that employers have to show that they couldnt find US citizens/ residets for the job (2) if nonprofit organizations are exempt from this requirement.

I appreciate all your input. Thank you very much.

Hey Hiii,

I was also trying for job in nonprofit organisations- hospitals/ Universities as they can file cap exempt H1b. But I am not successful and therefore I am filing through regular cap.

I dont think non profit organisations are exempt from the requirement you have mentioned above.

On the contrary I found it is far more difficult to get h1b through non profit organisations-

-They dont bare the expence on h1b filing.They are not eager to employ non residents and to deal with USCIS

-salary is less

-getting jobs in non profit organisation is difficult ,especially if you are living in metropolitan area where US citizens/ green card holders are available in market