H1B- Still in "CASE WAS RECEIVED" status

Status is still “Case was Received”, Can anyone tell what would be the expected reasons for this.

Please let me know the reasons for this.

I have checked almost 100 cases before me and after me, All are having ether Approved or RFE,I didn’t understand why my case still not touched by USCIS.

There is no concrete reason for this. My best guess would be that it was assigned to a case officer who has lot of work load. Ask your employer/attorney to follow-up w/ USCIS.

Hey same here. Its crazy. What about others in your company. Have you considered upgrading. I am considering the same.

Well mine got approved just today!

I have same situation here… may I know what is the maximum time to get case approved? please help me

i am also in the same boat. is it better to upgrade to Premium processing or better to wait till update?

Did any one of you upgrade to Premium recently?

I suggest all the guys who are facing the same problem, better mention your Consultancy Name. Atleast guys applied through same consultancy can connect each other individually and privately. This would help all of us know the latest updates quicker.

How can you check the case status before and after your case number ?

Hi Guys,

Do not panic. Few of my friends started getting updates. Until unless your employer is good. You get approval. My friend got approved after 10 months of waiting.