H1B status moved back to Acceptance stage after petition approval

Hello everyone,

On Jan 17,2013 my H1B status has again moved back to Acceptance stage after petition approval on 31st Dec , 2012.

Message is like "On January 17, 2013, an amended notice on this case was mailed describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on the notice. This case is being processed at our CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER location."

I am very worried about it since for H1B I have been waiting since last March in the hope of getting it.

My company's visa cell is saying you have to wait for 3-5 weeks and they also do not know what is it exactly.

Please if  you people  can suggest over it I would be highly thankful.



Some times it used to happen like this. Sorry about this. But i would suggest wait for a week or two. definitely you would get an update. If you won’t get any update in two weeks of time, i would recommed to call customer help desk number and chek for the same.

Thanks for the suggestion.One thing I am not clear that what may be the possible reasons of moving it and can I contact USCIS directly because I applied through my company.

Thanks a lot…

In the worst case scenario, the officer may have discovered something after approving the petition and have re-opened the case. Other possibilities are they want to make a correction to a typo error or something. Once your employer gets the notice, you will have more clarity.

Thanks Saurabh. In the worst case what might happen once the case is reopened?
I might not get visa this year or it might be delayed only.I read on some blogs that it might be due to system errors also(this will be best case for me).

Please suggest on it.

Thanks a lot…

It can be anything and there is no end to speculation. Although it is natural to be impatient in such a case, the best thing to do is to wait for your employer to be contacted.

Thanks Saurabh… Now I will have to wait only…

Hi Saurabh, finally I got my approved petition and will be reaching in 2-3 days to my current location.Feeling very happy.Thanks for ur suggestions.

But I have one more trouble that is I have to go for different client at different location.So I have to file for LCA. Can you please suggest how should I proceed for LCA in a typical Indian IT MNC .


Congrats Ashish.

The employer will have to file a new LCA for the new location and then file H-1 amendment. Once amendment is approved, you are good to work at the new location.

Thanks Saurabh… I will be doing the same.

how many days it took for you to have the status back to post decision from Acceptance