H1B status as revoked

Hi, I have an approved H1B from my former employer in December 2016. I haven’t traveled as my visa was never stamped. Later when I moved to my current employer, recently I seen my I797 status as revoked. As of now I don’t know the reason for revocation but I think there could be 2 possible reasons. 1. I haven’t traveled in past 4 years and visa was never stamped in past.
2. My current employer didn’t approve H1B transfer from my former employer in Feb 2019 and so it was revoked. I got to know this recently from my legal team of current employer.
Note- My exit formalities from my former employer was very good.

  1. My H1B can be transferred to a new employer in USA.
  2. In case it can’t be transferred, what is the alternate. I believe my case is still cap-exempted.