H1B Stampted.Eligiblity for Cap Exempt Category

Hi ,

I have the unused expired H1 Petetion and H1B visa stamped.

I haven’t travelled on H1B.But i have travelled on B1 visa.

please let me know ,am i eligible for cap Exempt for H1B.

My petetion got approved in Apri 2007.Stamped in October 2007.



Looks like your 6 year quota is expired for CAP exempt. You may need a fresh H1B.

Nataraju could be eligible for CAP exempt till 2016 April.

How is he cap exempt till 2016 April? Are you cap exempt for 6 years from the date your H1b was valid or 6 years from the date when H1b was LAST valid?

6 years from the date of H1 approval expiration