H1B stamping with validity of 8 months


My Husband’s H1B was approved Oct 2014 with a validity of 1 year. His company made up mind to send him to US last week and are ready to file for H1B extension. Now we have to go for stamping and have a few queries.

  1. Is the 8 month validity going to be an issue during stamping?

  2. Me and our 2 kids also plan to accompany him on H4. So during stamping will there be questions as to why whole family is going for such a short duration and hampering kids education.?? Can this become a criteria for rejection?

  3. Considering above 2, is it a better option that husband first gets his visa stamped and his H4 dependents go for stamping after 2-3 weeks , so that we avoid H1B rejection.

  4. Should we mention that company has agreed to file extension?

Pls help me in this

Thanks a lot…

  1. No, it must be ok. Minimum is 6 months

  2. NO. Unless you answer right

  3. Going together is better than going individual. More success if family goes together for stamping

  4. You can mention that they will be filing extension once in US, if asked