H1b Stamping with validity of 5 months

Hi All,

I have transfered my visa to X employer and i-797 will be expired on Dec 31st 2016. I am planning to travel to india on August and has only 5 months for stamping

Question 1 : Will VO has any issue with less validity and 1st time stamping with my new employer.

Question 2 : Can my employer apply for renewing my visa in case if I couldn’t come to USA before 2 months of expiry.

Please suggest if it is good time to visit to india or better go to after renewal my visa.

Thanks in advance.

  1. No issues b/c of remaining validity. They should approve it for 5 months

  2. Your employer can file H-1 petition extension even while you are outside US. This can be done even w/ 2 months of petition time remaining

When did the original visa stamping expired?

Original Visa stamping had expired on Sep-2013. And extension was filed by previous employer.Later visa is transferred to new employer.

Plan your trip wisely as the interview dates are backlogged by 2-3 months. So book now for an Aug interview date.