H1B Stamping with Child


My US Visa stamp expired 2020. I have an approved renewal and want to travel to India in November and attend H1-H4 stamping (or dropbox) for me and my wife. We also have a US born child.

I understand we’re exempted from travel ban for air travel. Do we get exemption for visa stamping also? i.e. do we need an NIE letter for renewal or not due to US citizen minor?

Include a letter stating your kid is US citizen and attach copy of child’s passport and birth certificate with other H1B/H4 stamping documents if eligible for dropbox or carry the above documents and present to the VO if going for interview. This will help get your visa stamped without VO issuing 221g in response to the PP 10199/travel ban that is currently in effect. Keep an eye out for any changes to the PP between now and when you go for stamping as it may change.


Thanks for the detailed response Kalpesh!