H1b stamping with 2nd employer when 1st H1b rejected

Hi Experts,
I have a question regarding my H1b stamping.
I have my 1st H1b approved with some x consultancy and went for stamping and that got refused under 221g, I received a letter stating “Consular investigation revealed that there is no qualifying employment for the beneficiary”.
After 4 years my A company(working since 10yrs) filed H1b for me and it got approved, now they are sending me for visa stamping for an onsite opportunity, is there any issues if i go for visa stamping now and what documents they ask?

Please help me.

You need to work closely with your employer and their immigration lawyer for the documents.

Thank you… Is there any difficulties with consular officer, as my previous visa was refused.
Will that effect this visa stamping?

It may or may not, it just depends on the CO.