H1b stamping with 2 approved I797

From SJC, CA on Feb 01, 2015.

Im in US right now working for employer A, whose I797 is valid till March 2017.

I’ve got an offer from employer B and H1 transfer is in process. When I get my I797 from B, that will also be having validity till March, 2017.

Stamping on passport got already expired. Planning to go for stamping, after I get my I797 from B.

Which emplyer’s I797 I should use, to be safer ? A or B ? For A, I have excellent employment & payroll history.

Plan is to work for B after stamping, from mid of March or April time frame. Pls note end validity date for both A and B would be same on my I797.

  1. You can have ANY NUMBER of approved H1 visas from Any number of employers(Since you never OWN a H1B visa. Its Employer owned).

  2. You can get any H1B stamping (as long as you can supply the required documentation).

  3. If you dont need to travel to outside of US, you dont need to get stamping and you can work for any H1B approved employers.

If you dont need to travel outside US, you dont need a visa