H1B Stamping - Will my past effect me now

Hi Saurabh ,

                       Kindly do hit a reply to my Que;s My H1 is approved for this year 2013 i am thinking to attend the VISA in month of August or Sep max in INDIA ,but in year of 2008 INDIA i have attended the VISA for F1 for 2 times and for 2 times my VISA got rejected and i was issued 221g , Can u let me know will that effects now for H1 visa can any1 share there experience if they encounter such things if VO asked abt ur past REJECTED part kindly saurabh help me out thanks

You should mention your visa history in the DS-160 form. If the officer asks about those rejections, you should respond truthfully.

Those rejections will not impact the H-1 outcome unless the rejection was related to submission of false documentation/representation.