H1B stamping while travelling on vacation to india


I live currently in US and VISA is expired. I am travelling on vacation and required to do stamping back in India. I am also changing my employer and H1B transfer is applied. Before i travel the transfer will be completed.

In this case what all documents i require for my H1B stamping from both employers and will this be an issue?

Also i need to process my dependent along with my stamping.

Any directions will be a big help.



Will you be eligible for dropbox facility?

Yes… But how long will it take to recieve the passport in drop box.

If you use dropbox, then only current 797 is required.

If you use dropbox and later consulate asks you for personal interview, then you need following docs (this is an exhaustive list and they may not ask for everything during interview):

  • current and past 797s
  • copy of recent 3 months payslips to show that you maintained legal status
  • client/project information
  • copy of current I-129

Usually dropbox cases are issued visa stamp within a week

Thanks for your timely reply saurabh. Really appreciate your help.