H1b Stamping when no Vacancy at Onsite for current project

I have a query on the H1b Amendment, so my project is going to change from the current project which was filed in Amendment but now if i will apply for an amendment even in Premium so it will take some time in getting the receipt 20-25 days as per my company’s global mobility team and i am assuming then the dates for visa interview will further get extended, currently earliest available slot is in december at Mumbai so with this whole new amendment it might go to jan or feb.

So i wanted to know should i go for stamping with the current amendment project only(to get earliest Interview slot available) and once it’s done then get an amendment in Premium for the new project for which i will be flying.

Can there be any issue at the consulate at the time of stamping with current amendment because there is no vacancy at onsite with current project so can they somehow check that or they might question why the stamping is being done so late, because previously I was told by the Mobility team that Stamping can only be done when the status of Petition is Approved so we kept on waiting for the status to change and now we have come to know that stamping can be done even in Pending status hence initiating it now.

If you appear for stamping now, you would have to present client/project information related to current location. If you can’t provide that and consulate officer asks for it, then it could result in 221g.

What kind of information they ask for, as i am working in that project so i do have project information, do they ask for any particular documents as a proof you’re working there in the project and there is a vacancy at onshore.

They may ask for client/project letter, MSA and/or SOW. In some cases, they may put it on hold and contact the client directly to verify the authenticity of the project.

I did exactly like you. Went for stamping with petition approved for another client and location when lca was filed and in process for new location. If you are working in a reputed company they won’t ask anything. H1B petition is already approved. Stamping is mere formality if you are working in TCS,CTS,IBM,Accenture etc.