H1B stamping soon - Need help with my situation

Dear Sir,

I find your blogs and responses very helpful in addressing particular circumstances. Request your kind help with my queries below.


I came to US in 2010 March on L1 visa through a very deemed Indian IT consulting company "I". In 2011 December, I changed my status from L1 to H1-B (fresh 2012 cap) through a very small and a disreputed (came to know about the ill reputation later) IT consulting company "Z" which had got me a contract project with a client "C1". Once I got my H1-B visa approval, it was a little delayed for the client "C1" so I lost that project and could not start work on H1-B immediately.


However, after a month I found myself another contract project (in Client-Vendor-Employer model) with client "C2" and then resigned from my company "I". Though I started working on H1-B a month after the approval date, there was no gap between my employments and I had consistent seamless pay-stubs between L1 and H1-B. I could probably show that one month period as serving notice period for company "I".


Now, I did not want to work with my employer "Z" as I came to know about the bad reputation. So, I started looking for full-time employment opportunities and fortunately, I got a full-time employment offer from a very reputed US based organization "U" which transferred my H1-B visa and I joined "U" in July 2012.


I am going to India in November this year due to certain inevitable family reasons and I would like to know your valuable suggestions on my queries below.


1. By the time I go to visa stamping interview in November, I would complete 4 months with "U" and would have 8 pay-slips from "U". So far, I have been fortunate in not having even a single day gap between my pay-stubs from companies "I", "Z" and "U". I believe that being a full-time employee with a good US based organization would be positive factor during visa interview and stamping. But should I wait for completing a definite period with "U" or would 4 months of employment with an assured long-term future employment with "U" be fine at the time of interview?


2. I have my work experience letter and W-2 for 2010 and 2011 from "I". However I might not be able to retrieve work experience letter from "Z" for the 6-7 months contract with "C2" as my employer does not seem to be providing it. Could it be an issue for the stamping process? What alternatives do I have in this scenario?


3. As mentioned above, I started working on H1-B after a month of the visa approval date. I could say I was serving the notice period with company "I". Do you see any issues with this?


Thank you!



I don’t see any issues with your case. There may or may not be few questions related to your frequent job change. May be informative kind of thing.But it will not create any issues. Tell the exact reason your job change. Also you lack of experience letteers for the period of 6 to 7 months will not cause any issue. You all the pay stubs. That will help you to overcome that.

Give clear answers about the job change in short.

All the best