H1B Stamping question petition number change


I had booked my H1B stamping dates with an old petition number that my company filled. Mean time acquirement changed and company filled another LCA and have now new H1B petition with ammendmnet . When I go for H1b stamping, do I need to have the OLD petition copy in originnal , my company has just provided the new ammendmnet petition original copy. Will that be a problem with two petition number ?

I would suggest carry both of them. When appearing for biometrics, explain the situation to the person and see if he was replace the old number with the new one.

I didnt get this answer clearly can you please elaborate. I have only copy of original petition .

You can carry the original or copy of both notices. Doesn’t matter if you have original or copy. They can always look-up the receipt number in their system to verify its authenticity.

Your DS-160 form has old petition number. When appearing for biometrics, explain the situation to the person at the counter and see if he can replace the old receipt number with new one.

As the new receipt relates to your updated client/location, it should be used for stamping and not the old one.

Makes sense?

Hi Saurbh
Here is what worked for me , I filled another DS 160 with new petition number and updated same in my profile that I booked for visa appointment. You can replace your DS 160 . All worked I got my VISA stamped. Thanks alot for your reply and forum its really a big help

Hi navneet,

I am in the same boat. I have created a new DS-160. How did you update the profile?

You can login to appointment booking login and there you get an option to update DS 160 .let me know if need more help