H1b Stamping question ( I have two valid petitions)


	I have below questions regardig my H1B Visa Stampin

	1. My current H1B Petition is valid till Sep 30 2013 and i applied for H1B extension and got approved for 3 years till sep 30 2016) I am planning to go to India in July.  
	2.If i wanted to goto  India in July, On which H1 should i  go for stamping intial H1 or Extension .

	3) IS there any specific time that   we can  attend Visa interview for the extension? 
	Appreciate your response. Please let me know.


Use the extension receipt number when applying for the stamping, but also take your initial H1-B approval and show it during the interview. Otherwise they might give you a visa which only allows you to enter the US after September 20th (10 days before your extension starts).

Check with your lawyer though.

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	Just in time with this question. Just happened with me.
	You need to put the latest petition number in the DS-160. Make sure you have few more extra days there. For my wife they just stamped the latest Petition date as end date but also put a note that she can not travel any more than 10 days before the start date of the latest petion.
	Then we went for the correction and explained the situation with both petition copies and they issued a new corrected visa with both petition number and PED in the VISA.
	At POE the I-94 was given only for 3 years.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: can you please let me know correction process .