H1B stamping on Dec last week Help needed Please.

Hi Redbus@US Team,

i have my H1B interview scheduled on Dec last week . i am going through a consultant .Last year all his cases went to RFE and most of them at the end he couldnt respond to the queries raised by the USICS team so he withdrew all the cases. this time though luckily my petition got approved and i have got the 1797 hardcopy , LCA , SOW for the project from the client . i asked him for the federal tax returns etc he is not ready to give all that…so please do let me know what all are the chances i ll get the visa? how should i face the interview…please give me some tips saurabh…


Avinash R

Be confident and answer the questions truthfully to the best of your knowledge. There is no magic syrup for successful interview and even the best of candidates from best of the companies can run into issues.

As for federal tax returns, it is understandable that they are not willing to share it w/ you. It’s a private company and they want to keep their financial affairs private. If consulate does ask for them, you and your employer can then discuss the options like sending them directly to consulate etc.

Good luck!