H1B Stamping- New Delhi -Currently working in Ohio,US


I am working in US. I have a part time status with the company (i get paid for overtime but no benefits). My h1b was approved and I would have been full time from Oct 1st but my employer wants it to be Dec 1 as I am travelling to India from Oct 29 - Nov 22, on a unpaid vacation. [b]Is it ok for me to appear for H1b stamping in New delhi on nov 4th even though i am not full time starting Oct 1st?[/b]

Do you have the H1B Applied with a specific start date ?

Was it applied with Change of Status ( COS) from F1 to H1B ?

Your start date of H1B matters and how it was applied like with COS or without COS will decide it…

nevermind, its all well. I found out that I am full time but without benefits