H1B Stamping issues - Should I travel?

Good evening everyone, I just have a question that’s been bothering my mind recently. So I came here to my state where I am currently working last year, I was only given a year of Visa by the USCIS since my State requires a visa for me to be able to get hold of a state license, and as you all know, one of the requirements of H1B Visa for us medical professionals is a State License to practice our profession. So instead of being given 3 years the first time, I was only given a year. Anyway, so my Visa Stamp expired, but my extension application was filed timely, hence I am able to stay 240 days while waiting for the approval. I just got approved recently for an additional of 3 more years. My dilemma on the other hand is:

  1. I do want to exit the country and visit my home country, but with the recent event with the people I know of that had the same situation as me, they went home and was denied at the embassy for an interview to have their visa stamp renewed, even though they were able to secure an approved working visa from USCIS. I do know that H1B Visa (USCIS) is different from the Visa Stamp (Embassy) on the passport.
  • Do you think the reason they were denied is that the embassy just based the decision on the initial stamp and since with their records the person technically “overstayed” in the US lead to the denial of a Visa Stamp?
  1. On the other hand, Should I just stay here in the country since I have a valid paper until 2022, I am afraid that it will have certain repercussions in the future (e.g. Greencard application) and that they will see that I had never left the US? I do know that the embassy and the USCIS are two different entities.

Thank you!!

@Drey, Visa stamping in general is a very relative thing, sometimes it can be risky…It is very hard to guess the reason for denial for non-immigrant visas. But, for H1B Visas, they are dual intent. ReadDual intent vs Non immigrant Visa USA.

Usually, if you are from a good firm, have all documentation, H1B visa stamping is better than general other visa types…having said that, there are many people from IT Bodyshop and Outsourcing companies that got denials after a 221g.

Now, travel and stamping always has its risks…If you do not have anything pressing, you can delay your travel and stamping…but, if you need to travel, then go for stamping and give it a shot…Stay positive, it should be fine…