H1B stamping in India, Clarification required

My employer has filed my H1B petition as in-house project in their company.

My H1B is approved and am yet to go for stamping in India.


My employer is asking me to work for a new client instead of in-house project. 

I have got client letter as well from the new client.


Here is my question:

1.) My H1B petition was filed as in-house project. Can I go for stamping with the new client letter? Will there be any issues?

2.) Will there be any rejection if I go for stamping as in-house project (I mean, if I don't have any client letter) ?


Please clarify

1.) As far as your LCA supports your petition documents no issues. You will get stamping only with 3 qsns asked. who is ur employer, who is ur client what is ur salary/where u will be working.

2.) High risk of rejection however since dol is shut down they(uscis) might be lenient, worth a try !! No issues even if u get an rfe as u cld solve it in 2-3 months with ur company’s help.