H1B stamping in between jobs


I wonder if anyone can help shed some light on this.

I am currently on H1b status. My visa stamp is expired, but my I-797 is valid.

I am working for employer A, have valid I-797 until 6/30/18.

I am transferring to employer B- have valid I-797 beginning 7/1/18.

I am traveling abroad in April and will need a new visa stamp. When I come back I am going to work for employer A for two more months, and then immediately transfer to employer B.

Do I apply using I-797 for employer A? the one for employer B? Can I use both of them in order to have both jobs covered?

Not sure exactly how to do this. I’m trying to get a visa stamp with as late of expiry as possible, but don’t want to risk getting stuck outside of the country.

Thanks for your help!

You should ideally file the change of employer petition after you return from your overseas travel.

The way to get both active and covered is by filing a concurrent petition.