H1B Stamping from other then home country (from Ireland for Indian Citizen)

Hi All,

I am an Indian citizen currently residing in Ireland with approved H1B Petition (1st time Applicant). Can I get H1B & H4 stamping done for myself(H1) and dependants(H4) from Ireland.

Are there any chances of rejections because my Indian documents like academics documents.

Can I get revised appoinment in India just incase its rejected in Ireland. Is it possible to fill DS-160 again for appointment in India.

Is there any one who has done the stamping from country other then home country.

Appreciate if you could help me out.


Hi Neha,

Trust you are well and safe.

Congrats for your H1B for first time and welcome to USA soon.

The answer for your query is " YES" ,

Please carry all your documents after you get the appointment in Ireland and check all the requirements as per the visa consulate
List of all-
Current work documents & future employer documents

The only con here is
As per the rules If you are eligible for dropbox stamping in future for second time and if you wish to go for stamping in India for 2nd time, you will not be eligible for dropbox in India , because your first time is outside of India i.e Ireland.
This is the only hindrance you will have in future, you have to face the Visa Interview for second stamping if you wish to approach in India.

For third time stamping if you are eligible for dropbox in India, as per the rules you will be eligible for dropbox and you dont have to face the Visa interview again.
Please check the official websites as well as my information may be less as per the changing rules and laws in the current scenario and also request to take immigration lawyers and attorney expert advises as well who will be able to guide you and advise you more efficiently.

Trust the above clarifies.


Thank you for your reply Mohammad.