H1B Stamping for self only


I got H1B approval this year and going for stamping in the month of November, 2016.

Can somebody tell me is it mandatory to go along with my wife, she is also working and will not be traveling at the moment.

She might not be able to come for the interview, so is there any problem if I go alone.

Lastly, we married recently (1 year )and do not have marriage certificate and all, do I need to get those even if I go alone.

Appreciate your views here.



You will need that certificate at the time of H4 stamping. If I were you I 'd make it as soon as possible.

Thanks, and I will work for that document asap.

and did I get this correct, I can go alone for stamping, no need to go along with my wife ?

It is ok to appear for stamping just by yourself. H-4 dependent can decide to appear for stamping later.

Thanks a lot Saurabh!!!
Indeed you are doing a great job, thumbs up, have been following redbus2us since I first applied for H1B back in 2015 :slight_smile:

Ah ha repeat customers :slight_smile: Glad the forum has been able to guide you through the process …