h1b stamping for both husband and wife - chance of rejection

Dear All,

My wife and I both have valid H1B petitions.Few weeks back, my wife went for H1B stamping and her visa was approved.My wife will be
traveling to US on this weekend.Next week I am planning to go for my H1B visa stamping.My question is : Do you see a chance of visa rejection for me?

If someone can share his view or similar personal experience on this, it will be very helpful for me. Me and my wife are from two different software companies and our current location is India.

Thanks in advance.

probability of approval/rejection is same in any case. I think your wife’s h1b would not affect your case.

It all depends on your documents. all the best.

Thanks a lot for your comment.I am bit worried about this. Let’s see what happens.

Thanks again.

U finally got ur H1B or not?