H1B stamping for approved petition. Currently in USA

Could someone clarify my confusion?
I am in USA with an approved H1B petition. I want to travel to my home country but I need visa stamped to re-enter USA. Will the current ban affect me?
I am getting conflicting opinions, nobody is sure about this.
Please help me!

That’s totally your decision and only Dropbox and emergency visa appointments are available. Please check your Dropbox eligiblity if you are eligible you can give a try . I am on the same boat but I am planning to go in March before 31st as I am eligible for Dropbox option. I also read many forums so I can see few of them getting 221g after drop-off documents and called for interview. Don’t need to panic as long as you have all documents to present at in person visa interview then you are safe.
Dropbox appointments also not available currently once in awhile it opened and completed quickly.