H1B stamping - First time Stamping in Canada before October 1st

Hi - I had applied for H1B this year in COS and is in processing. My current status is on L1 which is expired and had applied for extension which is in RFE status, I dont think the possiblities of getting that through. So I am planning to get my H1B stamped in Canada, I have a work permit in Canada, my company has applied that as a backup in case in my L1 extension does not go through and leave to India and return back on October 1st. I have not done any Masters in US. My question is

" Can I go for stamping in canada before October 1st using my canadian work permit if my perition got approved in this month?'


I found the answer for the similar question in your blog :

For the 1st time stamping, it is always recommended to go to home country. You can still go to CA, but you carry the risk of being issued 221g or interview not being conducted and asked to attend in home country.

s you haven't done Masters in US, the officers in CA may decide to not interview you.

If you want to take a risk, then you can go to CA for stamping and if runs into issues then head to India for stamping. Just be prepared for various outcomes if you go to CA for stamping.


[b]The thing that is concerning me is ,[/b]

[b]" Since I have an Candian work permit, will the immigration office accept me for interview because of that "[/b]

[b]Thanks for all the help.[/b]

You will be interviewed by US officials in CA and not CA officials. So having Candaian work permit doesn’t help.