H1B Stamping done - Didn't travel - Cap Exempt ? Options?


I have appeared for H1B Visa Interview and my stamping was done in 2018, it was processed (Sponsored) by company A. But didn’t travel to USA till now due to personal situation and I have resigned from company A, joined with company B.

Now, I am not sure that my Visa is revoked by company A or not. How can I check that? Also, now I am willing to work in USA. Incase my H1B is not revoked, how do I proceed to travel and work in USA?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

There is no way to check that…Also, the company cannot revoke, they can only withdraw the petition.

If you have got H1B stamping done, you can consider transfering to a new employer on H1B as cap exempt. This is slightly a grey area for Transfer as cap exempt, but as you had stamping done, it has high chances for transfer.
Your steps should be to find an employer who can sponsor H1B, they can file it as transfer and then you can use that to enter US after approval.

Hi Kumar,

Appreciate your response and Thanks for the information.
Can I look for a company who can initiate the transfer of H1b, though it is withdrawn by by my 1st employer(who did the sponsorship)?


Yes, you can look for a company to sponsor h1B.