H1B Stamping Documents Requirement - Offer letter


I am currently working in Canada on a work permit for employer A. I have an H1B approval notice valid from October 2021 for employer B in the US. I got an appointment for visa stamping next week (November 2021).

I have a query regarding the offer letter. The current offer that I have - mentions a start date of August 2021. I do not have an updated offer letter and not sure if the employer can generate a new one on such short notice.

Is an offer letter mentioning future start date - a compulsory document? Should I reschedule my interview until I get the offer letter with future date? The problem is - next available visa appointment is in May 2022.


This should not be an issue as the VO understands that visa appointments can be delayed and the offer letter do not need to be a future date. I am assuming you will be carrying the complete H1B petition packet and not just I-797 approval notice along with other supporting document to your visa appointment.

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I will be carrying the copy of I-129 petition, LCA, I-797 approval notice, offer letter, resume, etc.

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