H1B stamping (currently H4 and H1 approved last oct 2013) - DS-160 help needed

Hi All, Sorry, I tried looking into most of the post but couldn’t get my question answered. Here is my story

  1. Entered US as dependent (H4) on Dec 2012

  2. Applied for H1b and approval obtained around august 2013.

  3. Started to consult. Currently on a contract with a state organization (client letter is not a problem)

  4. Urgently had to travel to India last week due to a death.

  5. Need to get my H1b stamped if I have to enter back into the US.

Having said the above, coming to my questions. I’m filling my ds-160 and there are a couple questions which I need clarity on

a) Home address: would this be the address in the US or my address in India

b) Spouse contact: ideally, US address but she also had to travel back with me due to the emergency. Do i still mention the US address?.

Appreciate any help or links to any other posts which could help answer my questions.



a) Your home address in India

b) You would give India address.