H1B Stamping-Both Husb and Wife-India(Chennai) or Canada?


I Have been in US for more than 3 years and am pregnant. We are planning to travel during 5 or 6 month and come back by 7month starting (around 26 weeks). My husband came here before 2 years in H4 and got his H1B (Transferred H4 to H1 Visa) around Jan 2013 but started working from August 2013 (Less than 1 year experience in US). We both are consultants and have to go for stamping. We have all the necessary things for stamping like pay stubs, all the other forms.

But, we are not sure whether we can take risk by going to India for stamping. I am seeing a doctor here and we are planning to apply for Green card and settle here for some years.

a) Can we apply as family while going for H1 B stamping in India-Chennai? Does this reduce the risk?

b) Can we both go to Canada for stamping? Its just 5 to 6 hours of driving from our place and reduced risk?

c) Does the visa officer reject my Visa just because am pregnant as the child will become a US Citizen? (Doc already said okay to travel during this time)

Please advise. Thanks in advance!

I have heard of more denials from Canada these days.

IMO, India is best bet.

Thanks for your advise Cartman!

By reviewing your case, i would recommend to goto India-Chennai for stamping.