H1B stamp in out of us for iranian nationality

Dear :

I was on j1 from 2 years ago and this year i have approved for H1B.

if i want to apply to get my visa label which country around the US you recommend ? Because my natiobnality is Iran and in iran we dont have us embassy to do that .last year i applies in exico city to renew my j1 but it does not work this year .

Salam jenab aghaye Bavarsad,

man amir soltani hastam. Soale shoma ke parsal neveshteid dar haale hazer soale man hast. Be man goftan ke baiad az keshvar kharej beshavam va visa H1b ro roo passport stamp konam. Mikhastam beporsam shoma in kar ra kardid? Agar anjam dadid be koja raftid ca cheghadr tool keshid?

Ghablan az vaghte shoma sepasgozari mikonam

roozegare khoobi dashte bashid