H1B sponsor history on this site

Hi ,

When I verify H1B sponsor history on this site , it display table with below columns, however I am not sure about fields like Certified, Certified Withdrawn, Withdrawn and Denied.

Can somebody please explain me? since I got offer letter from one consultancy and their data for 2013 s like

Year Certified Certified Withdrawn Withdrawn Denied

2013 26 0 0 18

So the question is Denied count means not picked up in lottery or denied in visa interview? And it would be great if someone can explain about certified/certified withdrawn/withdrawn. Thanks in advance.

This is the count of LCAs and not H1B visas.

Thanks a lot for information. Can you please also let me know what Certified, Certified Withdrawn and Withdrawn count means?

Is this same as LCA Certified (Approved) or LCA Withdrawn ?