H1B sponsor company asking for a 2 year contract. is it a fair deal?


My H1B sponsoring company wants me to sign a 2 year agreement to stick with the company, violating which I will have to pay penalty for every month remaining in the agreement. The only 2 exceptions are if I produce a proof of leaving the country or stop working for medical reasons. I am asked to pay to sponsor also, which will not be mentioned in any written record, and will not be returned. And I will have to find the client on my own. They have a good H1b record with barely any rejections. Does this kind of agreement happen usually? Is it a fair deal?

I would suggest you try for a better employer who can sponser your petition with better terms and conditions. If you find one, you can choose to go with that employer. If you cant find, you have to make your choice.

Any employer sponsoring a H1B is extermely hard now a days. They go a greater lengths of complexity to do this. Since they may not do the business for charity, they may ask you to stick to them for a certain period of time. If you find it is difficult, better finding for a better option.

I have been working for my sponsoring company over 15 years. There are many good people around the world.