H1B Sponsership for Indian Citizen

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and I would like to know few details for H1B visa , If the person is an Indian and would like to apply for H1b visa do we have any good contact for Sponsorship in India or USA who can sponsor the candidate and file the H1B visa? There are many fraud consultants and people involved in the current world and it’s difficult to trust ? so if anyone has good contacts and already have experience with the Sponsorship people or consultancy kindly help me.

There are consultancies but they will not actually sponsor you. You have to pay the money . In lottery your chance is 25%. If it doesn’t get picked in lottery consultancies will generally return you the money by deeducting around 1 lack. If it somehow gets rejected after lottery or during visa interview your whole money 4-5 lacks is gone. Its risky but it depends on your risk apetite.