H1b- slight mistake in ds-160 salary information


While filling DS-160, i did not have my lca and i filled the us salary that i remembered. It is slightly different from the mentioned in the lca and monthly difference is coming out to be 30 $.
I have stamping next week.

Is it strongly recommended to fill new ds-160 or this much difference will be fine. My appointment is already booked. What are the formalities i have to undego if i fill new ds-160;

I will be appearing in NEW delhi consulate
Please help.

Hi Aman - so what happened to ur interview? Did u have to fill a new ds160?

I have done the same mistake. So asking


I got the same mistake done with but difference of $10 in salary among two pages of ds160.

What happened to your case . Please update

How did it go? Can you update me what you did since i made the same mistake? The salary i put in ds160 is slightly lower? Around $30 lower…thank you…